Mission & Vision (Brussels Minor Soccer)

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The Brussels Minor Soccer club is located in the town of Brussels, Ontario. We offer levels of soccer from U14 to U4 (2 years old to 14 years old).  This great club, located in the heart of Huron County, participates in the North Perth Soccer League. Brussels has supported and helped foster some great soccer players over the past several years.

Mission Statement, Values & Objectives

Brussels Minor Soccer is an independent, non-profit organization, committed to servicing youth in the community of Brussels and surrounding area. We are dedicated to providing players with an enjoyable sporting experience, which includes learning the basic skills of soccer, instilling the values of sportsmanship and competition, and aiding youth in the development of lifelong habits such as diet, exercise and focus on health. The goal of our programs is to promote positive self esteem, team spirit and assist youth in individual growth, supporting youth at all skill levels. We strive to create and maintain environments of teamwork, honesty and fair play.

Brussels Minor Soccer is governed by an Executive Board, comprised of community volunteers and advocates of sports and physical health. It is the responsibility of this board to attract and develop the best coaches, referees and other adult leaders to ensure that our children have the most enjoyable learning and playing experience. The development of sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, courage, respect and physical fitness are the organizations utmost priorities. In order to achieve these things, we seek to attain the following:

•        To govern the league in a manner that puts the development of our players, as both athletes and persons, above other considerations.

•        To provide our players with volunteer coaches, who work will with players of all ability levels and who remember that the development of exceptional athletic skills and winning games is secondary to the development of players

•        To provide our players with volunteer coaches who seek to teach those players the rules of the game along with proper soccer fundamentals.

•        To provide our players with volunteer coaches who provide positive examples and a positive soccer experience

•        To provide high-quality facilities and equipment for the use of our players.

•        To ensure our players, coaches and all volunteers within our organization abide by our code of conduct, ensuring that all individuals are treated with respect and that all members conduct themselves at all times with the values of the Brussels Minor Soccer League which include fairness, honesty and mutual respect.

•        To provide a zero-tolerance policy on bullying and ensure children of all gender, sex, ability, religion, and race are included in our programming.